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With leather details or a splash of color, short or full-body, but with one thing in common: Denim. This legendary fabric is moving out of your closet and into your restaurant. 

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Denim aprons add a unique vibe to any business. At Qooqer, we’re determined to bring denim back to workwear through aprons that are original, all-terrain and super comfortable to wear each day. Want to learn more?

Denim fabric was created in the French city of Nîmes. In fact, that’s where the name comes from, de Nîmes, “from Nîmes”. Back then, because of its strength and toughness, it was used for awnings and sails. It was Levi Strauss who saw the potential of this fabric and started using it to make work clothes for miners. Little by little, jeans became increasingly popular, until they leapt into the fashion world in the 1950s.

At Qooqer, we’ve stepped back into history to take denim from the street and put it back into workwear. Our collection of denim aprons combines the resistance of this legendary material with the most contemporary designs suitable for any sort of business. We offer pieces in 100% cotton or blends in original styles and colors so that you can decide which one speaks to you.


Why choose denim?

Denim fabric is super tough and doesn’t require any special care to stay in great condition. Whether it’s used for denim aprons in the service industry or as part of a uniform in other types of businesses, denim is a choice that makes for all-terrain garments with a very modern look.

Furthermore, denim can have many different finishes, and if there’s one thing we love at Qooqer, it’s experimenting. In this collection of jean aprons, we’ve played around with treatments, designs and combinations of materials to create innovative uniforms that help reflect your and your team’s style to the max.


The most original and durable denim aprons

Our Peto and Rock denim apron models are crafted from a tough cotton-polyester blend denim. This ensures that they will last, won’t fade with use, and you’ll hardly need to iron them to keep them looking perfect.

Both the Peto and Rock denim aprons are particularly comfortable thanks to their cross-back straps to take the weight off your neck during a long workday. You can choose different designs and color combinations to shine a light on your style and authenticity.

Original denim aprons that you’ll fall in love with.  

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