This weekend, we go to Fismuler

rincón del Fismuler

Nino Redruello, cocinero del Fismuler con delantal Qooqer

Pics Fismuler

If you like to eat great food in the best ambience, Fismuler is the place for you. The coolest Madrid has to offer and the cuisine you love, all wrapped up in one place.

We like knowing what’s cooking in terms of food, and we love going into the kitchen. So, that’s what we’ve done in the kitchen of Nino Redruello and Patxi Zumárraga. Qooqer aprons have arrived at the restaurant where everyone wants to be. What about you? Are you ready to #fismulear?

Fismuler is a bit of everything that we like. The place is the perfect cocktail, the result of combining excellent cuisine, brilliant but minimalist décor, and the best ambience. Plus, there is live music on weekends… what more could you want?

We are happy to see our aprons in the dining room and kitchen at Fismuler, and being among such good company, we hope to be able to soak up a bit of all the talent that is in the air there.

Calle Sagasta, nº 29, Madrid. Spain