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Qooqer is passion for design and originality, for a job well done… for authenticity. We love trade professionals, tradition and new ideas, too. Since 2012, we’ve been designing, producing and distributing directly from our workshop in Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.



Quality and style

We want to propose a new focus in uniforms… quality, style and functionality. We are a creative team with many years of experience in the world of fashion and business, and this is reflected in our collections.

Our range of products includes aprons, where we combine classic lines with new elements and the highest quality materials, creating unique pieces as a part of your professional uniform. We complete our aprons with clothing and accessories that are unlike anything you’ve seen, in order to offer you a comprehensive uniform service.

Service and professionalism

Our business model is based on service and a customer-centric approach. With personalized, friendly service, we work with and for the customer. To do this, our efforts revolve around offering a service characterized by excellence and quality. Fast, courteous and reliable service.

Our team of uniform experts will guide you. Whether your business needs a quick facelift or a complete overhaul, we offer a personalized style consulting service.

Local manufacturing and direct distribution

We design, produce and distribute from our workshop and sell at the best prices, without intermediaries, directly to our customers. We are proud to manufacture in Spain and maintain ethical work standards.

“Qooqer is Uniform with Style”



HOLA! I’m Juan, founder and director of the project

With a passion for things made right, for design, for the kitchen… I live and work near the workshop where we produce our aprons in Matarraña, Teruel. I enjoy seeing the experience in the hands that stitch together our designs while I learn and share special moments. I believe in fair-trade work and I am in love with what I do.


Juan (CEO, design and production). Susana (Marketing). Leticia (Art director of photography). Héctor (Product photo). De Ramos & Serch (Web design ). Monclús (Workshop manager).


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